Iran Plast 2017

Iran Plast 2017

2017/09/24 Atlas Machinery

Exhibition Details

  • Date: 2017/09/24 ~ 2017/09/27
  • Location: Tehran International Permanent Fairground
  • Hall: 38B
  • Stand: 8-3
  • Display Products: WPF-85 Side Feeding Plastic Recycling and Pelletizing Machine & RCT-45-45 800mm ABA Three-layer Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine

The trade exhibition Iran Plast - International Exhibition of Plastics, Rubber, Machinery and Equipment takes place in Tehran, Iran every one and half years.

Iran Plast 2017 is organized by NPC (National Petrochemical Company) and will be held at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground.



Display Products

Model: WPF-85 Side Feeding Type Plastic Waste Recycling & Pelletizing Machine

Material: HDPE, LDPE, EVA, ABS, PS, PP


  • Saving labor costs

  • Stable and high quality output

  • Easy Operation and maintenance

This side feeder type plastic recycling machine is designed for the process of different kinds of materials such as polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE), EVA, ABS, PS, PP and flexible packaging materials (either printed or not printed).

The recycling process includes crushing, extrusion and pelletizing. The crusher on the recycling machine line cuts the raw material into small flakes which are later delivered by the blower into the storage tank. Within the silo tank there is a rotating disc at the bottom force-feeding materials to the screw and motivating the extrusion. The well-designed die face cutters result in the good shape of the pellets, and the vibration sorting unit helps to select the good pellets. Before sending the pellets to the storage tank, the centrifuge dries the pellets quickly so that manufacturers can use the pellets for production right after all process finished.

Equipped with the storage tank for raw materials, the side feeding plastic recycling machine does not require the operator to stand by it all the time. The operator can feed materials for half hour and leave the machine processing for 1 to 1.5 hours before coming back to feed more materials, so that the manufacturer can cut the operation cost (less space, lower power consumption and lower cost of labor). Also, the die face cutter and pelletizing system can efficiently produce high quality PE pellets and can also produce PP (with MFI up to 45 g/10m) by changing die head.

Two-piston non-stop screen changer enables this recycling line to work without respite. When the pressure goes high, the operator only needs to clean one of the filter screens while the other one is working. This non-stop screen changer is thus quite helpful in stabilizing production volume.

Model: RCT-45-45 800mm ABA Three-layer Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine

Material: HDPE, LLDPE, CaCO3

Capacity: 80 Kg/hr

Application: T-shirt bags, shopping bags, garbage bags, etc.


  • Saving material costs

  • Efficient output

  • Lower investment, faster return

  • Easy operation

Nowadays, ABA three-layer models are getting more and more popular among manufacturers who want to produce T-shirt bags or shopping bags. Instead of choosing traditional mono-layer models, people prefer ABA model so that they can add CaCO3 to the middle layer B to reduce material costs in the long term. This model has been displayed by ATLAStw in several exhibitions and is highly concerned by visitors from all over the world.

During these exhibitions, ATLAS technician demonstrates by feeding the machine with calcium carbonate and recycled materials to getting high quality films. With such a big advantage, the cost of material can be reduced and the cost-effective value is thus established.

An ABA blown film machine is normally composed of two extruders of different sizes. The combination of 45mm screw and 55 screw for extruders is quite common. As for garbage bags, bigger screw diameter is suggested, such as 55mm and 65mm. 20% of CaCO3 is employed in the outer A layers along with a larger percentage of HDPE and LLDPE. A larger percentage of CaCO3 with HDPE raw material can be added to the inner layer B. Manufacturers can also use 100% in-house recycled pellets as the raw material for this ABA machine.

In addition to saving cost of raw materials used in the formula, another advantage of the ABA machine is that the three layer films are comparatively 30% stronger than the mono-layer films.

Display Product
  • Side Feeding Type Plastic Recycling Machine With Die Face Cutting - Side Feeding Type Plastic Recycling Machine With Die Face Cutting
    Side Feeding Type Plastic Recycling Machine With Die Face Cutting
    Model: WPF

    Side feeding type plastic recycling and pelletizing machine is a special design from Atlas to solve the problem of uneven material feeding and clogged materials. Side feed plastic recycling machine installs a silo to store crushed materials and the side dosing screw quantitatively feeding the materials into the extruder. WPF series is our highly recommended model for not only its capability of processing both hard and soft plastics but its user-friendliness for one-person easy operation. In average, it only takes two hours for operating and maintenance training to manipulate the machine.

  • Oscillating Tower ABC Three-layer Blown Film Machine - Oscillating Tower Three-layer ABC Blown Film Machine
    Oscillating Tower ABC Three-layer Blown Film Machine
    Model: RCT-ABC

    The ABC three-layer co-extrusion machine is your ideal choice for producing high-end plastic products, such as shrink films, agricultural mulches, electrical insulation films, packaging films, medical packaging films, stretch hood films. The raw material formula for each layer can be customized respectively according to your requirements. The oscillating haul-off unit provides excellent film gauge randomization, ensuring the production of high-quality and wrinkle-free films. The oscillating haul-off unit is also rather durable, and its equipment lifespan is much longer than the rotary die.

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