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Plastic Extrusion Machine Factory | Atlas Development Machinery is an export-oriented company that sells machine and provide after-sale service worldwide for 20 years.


Factory for Blown Film Machine and Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic Extrusion Machine Factory
Plastic Extrusion Machine Factory

The factory of ATLAS Development Machinery is located at the Yong-Kang Dist., Tainan City.
Our factory is spacious and well designed for assembling all blown film machines and recycling machines.
In order to operate the company more effectively and efficiently, each employee has been allocated to different departments such as engineering department, logistic management department, sales and marketing department, quality control department based on their own professional skills.

According to our past 20 years experience, we always receive various inquiries among different customers since we manufacture a wide range of blown film machines such as mono-layer and multi-layer. Thus, the clear division of tasks allow each of us to provide the instant and precise response to every customer. Additionally, customers will find our after-sales service very satisfactory since our priority is to take care of every single customer.

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