Heavy-Duty Blown Film Machine With Oscillating Haul-Off Unit

Heavy-Duty Blown Film Extruder with Oscillating Haul-off Unit

Model: HR

Heavy-Duty Blown Film Machine with Oscillating Haul-off Unit features width available from 2000 ~ 4000mm, excellent for heavy-duty bags.

Unique die head and air ring design to achieve stable bubble and better thickness film and bag. Gear box uses high torque and enforced lubrication system. Automatic surface winder with uploading device. Oscillating haul-off to enhance the production.


  • Blown film machine with oscillating haul-off system, built under the supervision of professional European engineers.
  • AC inverter motor is designed for high production, quality and reliability to produce tubular film.
  • High torque gear box with enforced lubrication system to minimize machine shutdown time.
  • Good mixing performance of screw and barrel results in homogeneity and high output.
  • Oscillating haul-off unit allows minimum web tension that eliminates wrinkle or bulge problem.
  • High volume air ring is designed for ideal cooling efficiency.


Applicable MaterialHDPE / LDPE / LLDPE
Screw Dia. (mm)Φ65Φ80Φ100
Max. Film Width (mm)120020002500
Screw L/D Ratio30:1
Max. Output160 kg/hr250 kg/hr330 kg/hr
Main Motor
(w/ Inverter)
60 HP100 HP150 HP

* Specifications are subject to change for improvement.

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