Optional Devices For Plastic Blown Film Machine

Add-On Devices For Blown Film Machine

Full range of equipment will meet your machine requirement. We offer a large variety of optional equipments to meet your customization requirements. We also provide machine parts sold individually(Die head and air ring upgrade, screen changer upgrade, winder upgrade etc.).

optional equipment

Other Accessories Include:

  • Embossing roller
  • Air-shaft roller
  • Banana roller
  • Autoloader
  • Surface treatment (Corona)
  • Hot slitting knife
  • Trimming knife
  • Side open knife
  • Waste film unwinder
  • Masterbatch dosing unit
  • Gravimetric dosing unit
  • OBC system (chiller)
  • I.B.C. (Internal Bubble Cooling System)
  • Thickness measurement

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