Two Stage 3-In-1 Shredder Integrated Die Face Cutting Plastic Recycling Machine

A compact type of two stage plastic recycling machine combine with shredder, extrusion, pelletizing

Model: TWPS

The Two Stage 3-in-1 Shredder Integrated Die Face Cutting Plastic Recycling Machine combines crushing, extrusion, and granulation into a single machine line. It effectively integrates all three processes, revolutionizing plastic recycling.

Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine WPF series

Equipped with rotary and stationary cutters located at the bottom of the shredding drum, this machine simultaneously cuts and heats soft and light plastic wastes. As a result, these materials are transformed into semi-molten scraps, which serve to densify the materials and facilitate their feeding into the extruder.

What sets this machine apart is its two-stage design. In addition to its primary functionalities, it features a sub-extruder that is specifically designed to handle dirty or printed materials. This ensures efficient processing and eliminates concerns about the condition of the plastics being recycled.

Experience the future of plastic recycling with our Two Stage 3-in-1 Shredder Integrated Die Face Cutting Plastic Recycling Machine. This advanced technology offers convenience, efficiency, and versatility, making it a game-changer in the industry.


  • Single plant line reducing costs for labor and energy
  • Special design of die head, not only producing evenly sized pellets but also reducing attrition rates of the cutting blades
  • Sub-extruder for two-stage processing materials with heavy inks and moisture


  • Nip roller feeding device
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Metal detector
  • Vacuum pump
  • Double vented barrel
  • Dual piston non-stop hydraulic screen changer
  • Die head for PP
  • Strand die for low viscosity plastics (Model: TWPSN)
  • Underwater Pelletizing
  • Water cooling tower
  • Centrifugal dewatering unit
  • Control panel with PLC touch screen


Material TypeHDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / PP / BOPP / ABS / PS / EVA
Screw Dia. (mm)Φ65Φ85Φ100Φ120Φ150Φ160
Max. Output120 kg/hr250 kg/hr400 kg/hr550 kg/hr800 kg/hr1000 kg/hr
Screw L/D Ratio32:1
Main Motor
(w/ Inverter)
40 HP
AC Inverter
75 HP
AC Inverter
125 HP
AC Inverter
150 HP
AC Inverter
250 HP
AC Inverter
350 HP
AC Inverter

* Specifications are subject to change for improvement.

Two Stage Side Feeding Type Plastic Recycling Machine Die Face Cutting TWPF series

3-in-1 Shredder Integrated Die Face Cutting Plastic Recycling Machine

3-in-1 Plastic Recycling and Pelletizing Line combines crushing, extrusion and granulation all together in one single machine line.

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